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MIDA EV Adapter 200A DC Fast Charger CHAdeMO to GBT Adapter

MIDA EV Adaptor CHAdeMO to GBT Adapter for Electric Car Charger 

Chademo GBT Adpater

The external interface of CHAdeMO to GB/T Adapter offer USB port for updating firmware and offer 12V port to input power supply. CHAdeMO to GB/T Adapter use for connect the charging cable on a CHAdeMO charging station to a GB/T vehicle that enables for DC charging. It is very convenient to place this adapter into car rear hatch.
Name CHAdeMO to GB/T adapter
Voltage 100~500VDC
Current 200A DC Max
Interface CHAdeMO socket + GB/T plug
Enclosure Rating IP54
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Operating Temperature -30℃~+50℃
Protocol CHAdeMO 2.0, DIN 70121

 The CHAdeMO charging communication controller between the GB/T CAN communication and the CHAdeMO coordinate in the charging process and timing. The adapter with CHAdemo socket and GBT plug. the GB/T charging plug has Self-contained plug lock and work indicator function; CHAdeMO charging inlet is Suitable for CHAdeMO column charging pile and portable charging pile.

✔ Parts working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C ✔ Climate environment (temperature / humidity): ✔ Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, ✔ Humidity: 5%~95%; ✔ IP protection level IP6K7 and IP6K6 requirements must be met

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