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EV EVSE Controller EPC Socket Version with RCUM for Car Charging Station

Product Name EVSE Protocol Controller 
Maximun Charging Capacity Indication 10A ,16A ,20A,25A,32A (Adjustable)
L This is where the AC 'live' or 'line connection is made (90-264V @ 50/60Hz AC)
N This is where the AC 'neutral' connection is made (90-264V @ 50/60 Hz AC)
P1 Relay 1 live from RCCB
P2 Reley 1 live from RCCB
GN For extemal L ED connection for green indication(5V 30mA)
BL For external LED connection for blue indication (5V 30mA)
RD  For external L ED connation for red indication (5V 30mA)
VO This is where the‘ground’ connoction is made
CP This connects to the CP connector on the IEC61851/J1772 EVSE connector
CS This connects to the PP connector on the IEC61851 EVSE connector
P5 Provides 12V continuously to energise solenoid for hatch lock
P6 This provides 12V 300mA for 500 ms to engage the lock for motorised lock
FB Reads lock feedback for motorised locks
12V Power: 12V
FA Fault
TE Test
Standard IEC 61851  ,  IEC 62321
EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) is the intelligent part of the Charge charging stations. It is the communication to control the charging procedure of electric vehicle, and conforms to electric vehicle standard IEC61851 or SAEJ1772.Mounting onto standard rail according to DIN EN 60715. It is divided to cable version and socket version. Leading Manufacturer for China Evse Controller,  Smart Charge Controller, Our company has already had a lot of top factories and experienced technology teams in China, offering the best goods, techniques and services to worldwide customers. Honesty is our principle, specialist operation is our work, service is our goal, and customers' satisfaction is our future!