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MIDA 16A 32A 3 Phase Type 2 Socket with internal shutter (obturator)

Electrical Performance
1. Meet 62196-2 IEC 2010 SHEET 2-IIa standard
2. Nice appearance,up flip protection,support front and back installation
3. Reliability of materials, antiflaming,pressure -resistant,abrasion resistance,impact resistance and high oil
4. Excellent protection performance,protection grade IP44(working condition)
Mechanical properties
1. Mechanical life : no-load plug in/pull out>10000 times
2. Coupled insertion force:>45N<80N
Electrical Performance
1. Rated current:16A/32A
2. Operation voltage: 250/415V
3. Insulation resistance:>1000MΩ(DC500V)
4. Terminal temperature rise:<50K
5. Withstand Voltage:2000V
6. Contact Resistance: 0.5mΩ Max
Applied Materials
1. Case Material: Thermoplastic,flame retardant grade UL94 V-0
2. Conntact bush:Copper alloy,silver plating
Environmental performance
1. Operating temperature: -30°C~+50°C
Model selection and the standard wiring
Model Rated current Cable specigication
16A Single phase
16A Three phase
3 X 2.5mm² + 2 X 0.5mm²
5 X 2.5mm² + 2 X 0.5mm²
32A Single phase
32A Three phase
3 X 6mm²+ 2 X 0.5mm²
5 X 6mm²+ 2 X 0.5mm²