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32Amp 22KW EV Charger Station EVSE Wallbox With Type 2 EV Charging Socket for Electric Vehicle Car Charger

Precautions for charging with new energy vehicle charging station First, when charging, observe frequent charging and shallow discharge. In terms of charging frequency, keep the battery fully charged. Don't charge the battery when the power of the battery is less than 15% to 20%. Excessive discharge will cause the positive active material and negative active material in the battery to gradually convert into resistance, so as to reduce the service life of the battery The difference between DC and AC charging modes. DC and AC charging modes are also called fast charging and slow charging because of different charging time. The fast charging method is "simple and rough": direct current is directly stored in the power battery; The slow charge needs to be converted into DC through the on-board charger, and then charged into the power battery. Fast charge or slow charge? From the perspective of charging mode, whether fast charging or slow charging, the principle of charging is the process of transferring lithium ions from the positive electrode of the cell to the negative electrode of the cell under the action of external electric energy, and the difference between fast charging and slow charging lies in the speed of lithium ion migration from the positive electrode of the cell during charging. When using the car at ordinary times, the battery can be polarized at a normal speed by alternating slow charge and fast charge, so as to prolong the service life of the battery. Always charge with the vehicle off. When the vehicle is in the flameout state, first insert the charging gun into the vehicle charging port; Then start the charging. After charging, please turn off the charging first, and then unplug the charging gun.
Item 22KW  AC EV Charger  Station
Product Model  MIDA-EVSS-22KW
Rated Current 32Amp
Operation Voltage AC 400V   Three Phase
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Leakage Protection Type B RCD / RCCB
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Status Indication LED Status lndicator
Function RFID Card 
Atmospheric Pressure 80KPA ~ 110KPA
Relative Humidity  5%~95%
Operating Temperature -30°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+70°C
Protection Degree IP55
Dimensions 350mm (L) X 215mm (W) X 110mm (H)
Weight 9.0 KG
Standard IEC 61851-1:2010       EN 61851-1:2011   IEC 61851-22:2002    EN 61851-22:2002
Certification TUV,CE Approved
Protection 1. Over and under frequency protection 2. Over Current Protection 3. Leakage Current Protection (restart recover) 4. Over Temperature Protection 5. Overload protection (self-checking recover) 6. Ground Protection and Short circuit protection 7. Over voltage and under-voltage protection 8. Lighting Protection 

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